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Krakow Stag Do

All-Inclusive Stag Do Weekends in Krakow

Krakow is a party city with a capital p and is perfect for a hardcore stag do. It has more bars and pubs per square metre than any other place in the world and offers drinks from as low as £1.50! Add in some of best stag do activities that we have to offer and you have all the best ingredients for a top stag party. We promise that a Krakow stag do will not disappoint.

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Krakow City Guide for Stag Weekends

Krakow Stag Do

Poland’s second city is situated in the south of the country and has a population of approximately 755,000. More laid back than its bigger brother Warsaw, the city possess a relaxed ambiance epitomised by the old town. This area is home to Wawel Castle (arguably Poland’s most iconic landmark), a collection of fascinating museums, beautiful churches and the largest market square in Europe.

However, Iet’s be honest, it’s not the city’s churches and museums that we are interested in! Krakow boasts more bars and pubs per square metre than any other place in the world making it an awesome destination for a stag weekend. The city is compact and therefore you are able to explore the best boozers by foot. The drink is cheap with the average cost of a pint a mere £1.50. Did we also mention that one third of Krakow’s population are party loving students, most of whom are female? So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today for a bespoke quote on a Krakow stag do.

How to get to Krakow

flying to Krakow - cheap - Pissup

Unlike the majority of Pissup destinations, direct flights to Krakow cannot be found in abundance. Ryanair is the only budget airline that makes the 2hr 25 min journey from Stansted on a daily basis, so make sure that you book at least a month in advance to get the lowest price possible (around £66). Easyjet also makes a direct trip several times a week from Gatwick, whilst the journey with Lufthansa or Austrian incorporates a stop of approximately 30 minutes and tickets cost £150-£200. If this extra half an hour has put a frown upon your face, then don’t worry. Pissup will pick you up in our very own strip party bus, complete with stripper and bartender to kick the weekend off in style!

Okay price wise Kraków is a non-brainer, but when is the best time of year to come? In terms of temperature the lowest month is January which can drop to an average of -3*C. It gets better in the Spring months and ramps up to 16 degrees in July. However compared to other cities in the region Kraków is fairly mild and humid, so if you think you’re hard enough you can t-shirt it for most of the year…well, if you’ve warmed up enough after all that vodka inside you!

Karts and Kalashnikovs

paintballing in Krakow - pissup

Although it is not the biggest city for a Pissup stag do, Krakow does possess some of the best daytime activities that we have available. Shooting Kalashnikovs, off road 4×4 driving, white water rafting on a course used for European and World Championship events and indoor karting in 200cc super-karts at speeds up to 70kph are just some of the adrenaline junkie activities that we offer.

Krakow is the ideal destination for adrenaline junky stag dos. If you’ve ever wanted to be like Bond in ‘Goldeneye’ then you have to book our Kalashnikov Extreme activity. Located in an ex-military bunker the shooting range is staffed by former special forces soldiers. The location and the range of weapons will add to the Cold War thriller atmosphere. Likewise if you want to continue the feeling of being dropped into enemy territory then choose our paintballing activity. There you can get your own back on any cocky mates – play capture the flag, castle and death match, pummelling each other with paintballs that bruise. Remember that though Polish winters can be crazy so we have options available for indoor versions of activities such as Go Karting. So no excuses: time to get that heart rate going.

Not adrenaline-pumping enough? We have more!

krakow 4x4 offroad madness

Does the sound of going round a go-kart track seem too tame for you? Do you have an absolute need for speed?  Well we can take you on our Offroad 4×4 Experience and you can drive professional off-road vehicles on one of the best courses in Krakow. It isn’t all about speed though, and you’ll have to use your skills to navigate through the course, dodge obstacles and the ability to get that beast out of the mud if it gets stuck! This activity is the real deal: you’ll be driving over a 2 miles of track with purpose-built obstacles to ensure this isn’t a super-easy ride.

Fancy yourself more of an Indiana-Jones style adventurer? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered too. We’ll take you on a Salt Mine Tour through a subterranean landscape, in a Salt Mine that has been in use since Medieval Times (no ghosts we promise). The mine is made up of 9 levels in total and stretches down into the depths, reaching 327 miles into the earth. Also, as an added bonus breathing the air of the salt mine is said to help cure headaches, and clear lungs – ideal for lads who’ve been hitting the beers the night before!

Lez Get Ready to Fummmbllle!

hot girls in Krakow - Pissup Stag

Kraków is a city famed for its beauty: which means nice architecture…and hot girls! This is a university town populated by around half a million students. If you remember what it was like back at uni you’ll remember how up for fun college girls are. However lots of you lads on a stag weekend in Kraków will be on a look don’t touch holiday – especially the groom. Well then we have the perfect activity for you, Steak and Tits. This will satisfy your groom so that he can see his last naked body up close before putting on the old ball and chain. Act like a Hollywood Mafia boss and feast on sirloin after which hot Polish babes will strip for you!

If your testosterone levels are a little low and you fancy playing the spectator rather than participant, then how about watching two oiled up local lovelies wrestling each other in our very own exclusive Pissup ring in our Babes in Oil activity?! Alternatively our Tottie Tour shows you the very best in Krakow’s crumpet, taking you to three of the best strip clubs in town over the course of 6 hours.

Krakow Nightlife is wild!

Krakow Nightclub and Bar Guide

Krakow has some of the best nightlife in Poland. It is a little more relaxed than in Warsaw but boasts HEAPS of restaurants, pubs, cellar bars and nightclubs populated by friendly, laid back locals. Hundreds of bars can be found in cellars and courtyards stretching from the Old Town to Kazimierz. Le Scandale and the Hard Rock Café offer some of the best cocktails in town, whilst for the gamers among you Cybermachina is a cool venue that offers cheap drinks and retro games such as Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo. Stara Zajezdnia is the city’s biggest brewery and beer hall housed in an old tram depot. The extravagant Baccarat and the chic Pozytywka are just two of the better nightclubs that the city has to offer.

But when you arrive into a new city like Kraków you’ll want insider knowledge on where the party’s at in the city. Although Krakow boasts of having one of the highest densities of bars and clubs in the region – you don’t want to end up in a dive bar with overpriced drinks. Our Kraków bar and nightclub tours are lead by friendly female guides who know where the action is on any given night. One of the many great things about coming on a stag do weekend in Kraków is how easily navigable the city is. You can walk everywhere which eliminates the need for costly taxis to and from clubs. But if you are desperate to arrive in style then why not hire a strip limo and be entertained between venues? Boobs in a cool VIP car! Result!

Sightseeing in Krakow

Beer and sightseeing in Krakow- Pissup

‘Oh god…my head’ is probably what you’re going to be moaning after a night on the tiles with Pissup. If you’re feeling a bit shaky and you want to postpone that hair of the dog then you should do a Bike City tour and take in some fresh air and see the sights of Kraków. This city dates back to early settlements in the 4th century, with the Kraken Mound being the oldest structure. Since the Middle Ages it has remained in tact, and is one of the few cities not to be bombed to smithereens in World War 2 – which is why untarnished places like Wawel Castle and Wawel Cathedral are amazing to behold.

If you’re on a stag do weekend in Krakow you’ve probably booked such an action packed weekend that sightseeing is the last thing on your mind. You want to get on it! The only way to see Kraków is to sail down the Vistula in your very own private boat. But there’s more: on our Krakow boat tour we include a sexy stripper so you can see the sights while eyeing up a top babe.

Whatever you chose to do in Krakow we can make it happen from adrenaline-fuelled afternoons to babe filled evenings – Pissup has it all!

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