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Need some awesome stag party ideas? Well you’ve come to the right place! We have a whole host of fun ideas to help inspire you to create a stag do weekend that will go down in legend. If your best mate has just asked you to be his best man, don’t stay up till the small hours fretting about organising the stag weekend… Click on any of our of Tabs to find the best Stag Do Ideas!

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Pissup Tours

What To Do?

There are tonnes of cool things to do on your stag do weekend!
Pissup Tours
Pissup Tours

Where to Go

Choose a destination that matches your desires & budget!
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Pissup Tours

Organising the stag weekend away

Three things you need to know before you book!

Activity Ideas

Bar Guide & VIP Strip Club

Get a guided tour of the best bars in Budapest, and visit a strip club!

Cable Car Bungee Jump

Adrenaline-junkies have to try this - for the rest of you, a spare pair of underwear is a must.
Kalaschnikow Schießstand Prag
Kalaschnikow Schießstand Prag

Kalashnikov Shooting

You will not find a wider range of weapons that you are able to fire anywhere else in Europe.
Innendørs Go-Karting i Berlin
Innendørs Go-Karting i Berlin

Indoor Go-Karting

Get down to business stag style with some adrenaline pumping go-kart action.
Live Pornokveld i Amsterdams Red Light District
Live Pornokveld i Amsterdams Red Light District

Live Porn Evening

Come on a tour of the Red Light Area, and see a live show!
Krakow kidnapping prank - Pissup Stag Dos
Krakow kidnapping prank - Pissup Stag Dos

Stag Kidnapping + GoGo

A classic stag do prank - that will have the victim bricking it!
Innendørs boblefotball i Amsterdam
Innendørs boblefotball i Amsterdam

Bubble Football Indoor

Short description
Babes i olje i Krakow
Babes i olje i Krakow

Babes in Oil

Oil wrestling with hot babes!

Where to Go

Stag Do: Where’s the best place to have it?


Okay so now you know who’s coming, the weekend you’ll be going on, and the budget per guy, you need to know the destination. Perhaps the groom has had it in his head that Vegas is his ideal destination like in ‘The Hangover’ series of movies. But unless he’s prepared to fork out a couple grand per head then maybe somewhere closer to home is best. We’re going to take a look at three common destinations for Brits on their last weekend of freedom.

Ruin Pubs Budapest

1. At Home

There are plenty of advantages to having your stag do in the UK. First, unless you’re coming from John O’Groats to Lands End the journey will be brief. No faffing around at the airport, just a car, bus or train journey away. Second, is you won’t have to exchange money. Third, there might be a mates house you can stay in.

However having it at home in the UK has its disadvantages: the main one being cost. Okay so you and the lads might be all taking the train down to London but often there is very little difference in price between that and a flight to Budapest. And the prices in Europe compare very favourably with the UK. So yes: you don’t have to change money but you’ll save a packet on drink and activities if you book a location abroad. Things are cheap in cities like Bratislava – even in Berlin the beer should be cheaper.


Western Europe AKA “the Cool Continent”

If you want to make your stag do weekend extra special then head across the water to the European Continent. When we Brits think of the Continent we imagine sophisticated coffee shops, berets and art galleries. But Western Europe covers an awesome variety of places to have it large on your stag weekend.

Maybe you want hot sandy beaches where you can do daredevil activities like in Barcelona. And there is more than one reason why Amsterdam ranks so highly in stag do destination surveys, and we shouldn’t have to spell it out for you! Or maybe Berlin is more your bag: with its legendary beer and decadent night clubs.

We’ve got all those bases covered, so when you’ve decided what type of weekend you want then just choose your city.

Eastern Europe AKA “the Wild East!”

Maybe Central and Eastern Europe still conjures up Cold War espionage movies in your mind.  But those days are long gone and cities like Prague, Warsaw and Bratislava have come on leaps and bounds since then. The landscape and architecture are like the girls, in a word: beautiful. And for the average English traveller 88p for a beer at a bar in Budapest will be music to any Brit’s ears.

But don’t worry 007, it can still get wild out here, and you can recreate your favourite spy thriller while shooting AK-47s in ex-military bunkers in Kraków, or maybe you want to act the Bond villain and have your own strip show on a boat sailing down the Danube? Wild, yes, but if you book your stag do with Pissup we’ll keep you out of danger!

Three steps to plan the perfect stag do weekend

Three things you need to know: the numbers of lads, the dates and the budget. Get these things right and if you want we can sort the rest!

1. Who’s coming?

When it comes to organising a stag do abroad, and even at home, numbers are important. To put it crudely: size matters! Joking aside a six man weekend might make doing certain team-based activities like paintballing difficult. Likewise if there are a whole lot of you, you might need a bus rather than a limo to take you to and from the airport.

So get those numbers sorted so you know you have enough lads ‘definitely’ coming so you start booking your stag do weekend away.

weekend away

2. When the hell are we going?

Woody Allen said that 80% of success is showing up, but to make sure 80% of the guys confirm they are coming for weekend, you’ll need to know when you’re going well in advance. Time is money and the sooner you get your list, the better you’ll save on flight costs. However while this isn’t entirely in your hands, usually it’s up to the lucky couple, the more time you have to plan the stag do the easier it will be on your stress levels.

However much we moan about it, England’s climate is pretty mild all year round. But go anywhere further than Holland in Europe and you’ll see huge swings in temperature throughout the seasons. Why is this important? Well because some activities work better in the summer months – like white water rafting. Though of course the hardcore among you will want to try it out, winters in Eastern Europe are no joke, and you’ll have to think of what the whole gang would be happy with. But if you’re an adrenaline-junky many activities such as paintballing have indoor options for the winter.

3. What’s the budget?

You’ll need to decide your budget as a group. Unless you’re all City brokers or at the same level on the employment ladder, then you’ll need to set a limit. Obviously you can’t judge how much each guy is going to spend on booze (or lap-dances) when he gets there. But when it comes to flights, accommodation and activities you can get a round figure. Even better if you book with Pissup we can bundle activities and accommodation together to create a package holiday.

Maybe you want to do it on the cheap in Prague with apartment accommodation and a bar guide at the super-cheap £61 per person? Or perhaps you want the full-on Rock Star experience in Kraków for £259 and party it up in a 4 star hotel and watch a strip show after a delicious steak dinner? Whatever kind of stag weekend you want you’ll find a price to suit all budgets.



Maybe just the thought of organising a trip for a bunch of lads makes you feel exhausted. Well never fear Pissup is here! Pull up a chair, get comfortable, as we take a look at some themes and games to enliven your stag weekend!


Check out our other sections for more detailed info on activities and practical joke ideas that will make your weekend one to remember. But while we can help with shooting guns and pranking your stag, sorting out the costume theme, dares, and some drinking games are just as important.

Getting a theme sorted is a must on a stag weekend. This is important for two reasons. First, practically speaking, if you’re in an unfamiliar city and you need to keep up with the group and sticking together when you’re three sheets to the wind is easier when you’re in a distinct costume. Second, is a themed costume will make you all feel like you’re an army, united for the weekend. Third is simple: it’s a laugh and peacocking will get you loads of attention from the local ladies.

What that costume is is up to you: perhaps if you’re all close, a t-shirt each with your nicknames on the back. Maybe you could go for something movie-related like Men in Black or Star Wars. Or if humiliation is your game then get the stag to dress up like a woman while you all follow in sensible gear!

Stag Challenge

Dares and missions are a must for any stag do weekend. Of course these are different than pranks and drinking games, because they involve the general public. These might be anything from challenging a stranger to a press up competition, to getting the numbers of five foreign girls in one hour. They could be eating competitions – see who can stuff as much food in their mouths without gagging (fat lads need not apply!) or even dressing up as a chick and using the girl’s bathroom like Damon Wayans in ‘White Girls’. There’s plenty of scope to embarrass the stag or find out who is the true alpha male of the group.


Stag Do drinking games - fun ideas!

Play with fire you get burned, play with drink you get happy! If your missions don’t go according to plan then there are always drinking games to enliven your bar crawl. The best games are the simplest. With ‘sip or strip’ someone flips a coin and if your call is incorrect you either do a shot or take off an item of clothing (could get messy either way!). Or you can play ‘thumbmaster’, where one guy is chosen as the thumbmaster, if at any point he shows his thumb at the table the rest of the guys must follow suit with the last having to down his drink.

Whatever game you chose it’s great way to get drunk and compete for glory all at the same time.

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